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    The loops though man

    this is so calming

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    The Cosmos Bed by Natalia Rumyantseva

    A high-tech bed that brings the starry night sky indoors.

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  4. 1. Life isn’t easy and it seems to get harder and harder from 13 to 60 something. After that, you won’t
    give a fuck anymore.

    2. There will be days you will want to die. Don’t do it. Don’t end your life before the universe is done with it. Life is a blink, and it ends on it’s own before you know it. This isn’t forever. This is the time to look at the smaller details in life. Stay in bed an extra hour. Take a few days off work. Pay attention to your soul.

    3. You are beautiful. I so want you to believe this more than anything else I tell you. Society will try and convince you that you aren’t. This will be a fight you will battle your whole life. You will feel like you aren’t enough. You are more than enough, I promise, and I will tell you that you are from the very first day I lay eyes on you.

    4. You are wanted. It is unbelievable how wanted you are. I chose you. I wanted you here so much that it pained me to have you.
    I decided on you, remember this
    when you think no one loves you.

    5. Don’t sleep with a guy before he
    has shown you that he cares about you more than he does himself. You will save yourself a lot of heartache.

    6. Don’t be reckless. Condoms suck, but they are your best friend. Research Stds and then come talk to me. Some guys think that they are invincible to these things and some simply don’t care. Some stds will affect you more than they will him. (This is one of those instances where life isn’t fair)

    7. Eat the chocolate cake. You can workout later.

    8. You had sex with the wrong guy. Your boyfriend cheated. You got your heart broken, you are pregnant. It is ok. You will be ok. You will get through this. I will always be here. Come talk to me. I’ll be here, waiting, with chocolate and a hug.

    9. Never let a boys actions toward you tell you who you are. Let your actions show him who you are.

    10. Don’t be a door mat but don’t be a heartless bitch either. Ok, there are times you’ll need to be a heartless bitch, but don’t ever be the door mat.

    11. CRY. Have emotion. Be sensitive. It doesn’t make you difficult or too much. It makes you human.

    12. Embrace your sexuality. Get to know your own body, (what feels good,what doesn’t) Afterall, it is your body. It is ok and healthy.

    13. Sex isn’t dirty or bad. It is one of the greatest things ever. I’m not going to lie to you and tell that it will hurt and you’ll bleed the first time, you might or you might not. I just don’t want you to be reckless with it. I want you to know your worth.

    14. There is power in saying no and power in saying yes. Know when to use each one; trust your intuition. It won’t lie to you.

    15. Every guy wants sex. The good guy will want to take the time to get to know you first. Just because a guy desires you sexually doesn’t mean he has any interest in you. Know the difference.

    16. If you love him more than he does you, and you know it, walk away. You deserve more. Same, if he loves you more than you know you do him. He deserves better.

    17. Nothing is wrong with you. You are enough.

    18. You probably won’t end up with the very first guy that gives you butterflies and makes your heart beat faster.

    19. Love takes work. A guy won’t be like the guy in the Disney movie or the chick flick, you won’t be that girl either. You will let each other down. Remember, he is human and so are you. Pay attention to his effort.

    20. If you have to be in competition with another girl because of a guy, run away and don’t waste your time. Remember: you and that girl fight the same battles.

    21. When you don’t understand another person try putting yourself in their shoes.

    22. Adulthood is not what it looks like. Don’t rush your childhood, don’t try and grow up too fast. One day, you will wish for it back.

    23. Don’t rush to get married. Don’t let that be your goal, let love and a healthy relationship be the goal.

    24. You don’t need plastic surgery. Your boobs are beautiful. Play with them as much as you can. The man, who loves you will think so too.

    25. Your dad knows boys because he is one (and made some of the same mistakes and thinks like them) He really isn’t trying to ruin your life, he is trying to help you. Talk to him. Also, you will always be his little girl. Try not to let this bug you too much.

    26. I will let you down. Everyone at some point will. You will let yourself down. Embrace forgiveness and grace. don’t be afraid to let someone know they hurt you. Be gentle with yourself.

    27. You won’t get everything you want.

    28. Life doesn’t make much sense. You won’t have all the answers, but don’t stop asking questions. No matter how I raise you, religion isn’t the answer. Going to a church won’t save you or make life perfect. Find out what god is for you. Find out what you believe for yourself. It is ok. Don’t believe something just because someone tells you too. It is a personal journey.

    29. When someone compliments you, say thank you— even if you don’t believe it.

    30. Don’t get caught up in always making the right or good decision. Mistakes are important and there is not one person who hasn’t made any— come talk to me.

    — Things I wish my mother would have told me, and things I will tell my daughter (via coffeestainedheart)
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She’s So High


    She’s So High

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Guillaume Seignac,The Awakening of Psyche (detail) 1904.


    Guillaume Seignac,The Awakening of Psyche (detail) 1904.

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  9. Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling
    — General life philosophy  (via tea-storm)

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Daisies (1966)


    Daisies (1966)

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